"Laboratory of Creative and Rural Ideas for Yougers"

The «Laboratory of Creative and Rural Ideas for Youngers» is a network of experimentation, essay and exchange of ideas, which integrates a Digital Platform for collaboration and management of Rural Good Practices, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and the launching of pilot projects of local development in the European countryside.

A virtual space for dialogue, reflection and critical analysis where participants from rural areas can express themselves and show their potential and creativity, presenting problems to identify, investigate and innovate.

All this, through a program of activities that integrates training actions that should promote innovative, informal and non-formal training methods, with the scope of defining real work opportunities.

The activities that this project addresses will help its beneficiaries to reflect on social innovation, youth associations, perception and territorial organization, rural development, entrepreneurship and self-employment. Moreover, they will offer to young people, a diversified cultural approach, promoting professional skills in rural areas.