RURAL LAB-Y is a project of the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation Duero-Douro, supported by Program Erasmus+, Key Action 2 (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices).



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"Laboratory of Creative and Rural Ideas for Yougers"

The “Laboratory of Creative and Rural Ideas for Youngers” is a network of experimentation, essay and exchange of ideas, which integrates a Digital Platform for collaboration and management of Rural Good Practices, promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and the launching of pilot projects of local development in the European countryside.

A virtual space for dialogue, reflection and critical analysis where participants from rural areas can express themselves and show their potential and creativity, presenting problems to identify, investigate and innovate.

All this, through a program of activities that integrates training actions that should promote innovative, informal and non-formal training methods, with the scope of defining real work opportunities.

The activities that this project addresses will help its beneficiaries to reflect on social innovation, youth associations, perception and territorial organization, rural development, entrepreneurship and self-employment. Moreover, they will offer to young people, a diversified cultural approach, promoting professional skills in rural areas.



Local resources, tangible and intangible heritage, the environment and traditional ways of life are elements that especially characterize rural areas and make them unique spaces. In this project, participants will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with differentiating ideas of the territory, and to convert them into a living laboratory, in a continuous and dynamic process.


This project allows the sharing of attractive and innovative resources and methodologies that present different social groups, agents and professionals in their daily practice, which generates the project’s own development, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by informal and non-formal education, promoting the exchange of ideas and good practices among all participants involved in this project, through a network of physical and virtual collaboration, at the transnational level.


Promoting entrepreneurship and self-employment in rural areas, allowing for the analysis of different proposals, opportunities for change, viability, sustainability, social impact, etc., through attractive youth proposals.
The aim is to promote the creation of new business models that incorporate synergies through technology transfer and the development of innovative strategies, based on a flexible and open methodology.


It offers participants the possibility to share experiences and experiences “with” and “from” others, as well as analyze the social reality of their communities, expose and contrast with other actors and peer groups, show their own cultural identity and learn about other European realities. Topics of concern and interest of the promoter group will be addressed, taking into account their needs, interests and motivations; challenging linguistic, geographical, social, economic, political, and cultural differences.


RURAL LAB-Y includes a Digital Platform of rural ideas and initiatives, for the dissemination of information, preparation of Good Practices manuals for online access, exchange of training strategies, development of entrepreneurship ideas, investor search, business training among other topics; fostering creativity, experimentation and enhancing skills development, which will further involve participants in European rural areas.

Beneficiaries of the Project


Young workers, relevant social actors (experts, researchers, political leaders, entrepreneurs, social mediators, peer groups, other vulnerable groups, citizens themselves, etc.); from partners, collaborators, or the European rural community.
Integrating into the project the results generated by the contact with senior or senior people, initially at the margin of the project, constitute a fundamental piece, since it brings important added value to the project.
As a consequence of RURAL LAB-Y’s own start-up and development, contributing to build its own identity, these are aspects that we consider very necessary to achieve the expected results.
Therefore, the opinion, experience and contributions of different groups in situations of social exclusion, such as seniors, people with disabilities and rural women, will be taken into account as great examples of social empowerment, which will participate indirectly in this ambitious project during the whole process, both in the tasks of preparing the proposed activities and in the execution of the same, showing examples of good practices, led by the referred collectives and related to the project themes.


Young workers in the field of youth, aged 18-30, suggested by the associated entities, committed to the rural territories and who wish to know other initiatives, youth projects, tools, training resources, professionals, entities; with the aim of establishing future Network collaborations, good professional practices and important feedback.


promotes the participation not only of professionals in the field of youth, of the mentioned entities, but also, it intends to mobilize the rural population actively, in a perspective and multidisciplinary perspective, involving different public and private entities, and even the inhabitants of the territory. This is a fundamental aspect for the correct execution of the project, through an informal group methodology.
Through this initiative, the social concerns of young people in rural areas will be identified and expressed, drawing attention to this problem (high level of aging, limited economic development and limited resources), contributing to the settlement of the population and articulating solutions and collaboration in the RURAL LABY Network.

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